Autonomous Driving Bus

The concept of an autonomous bus was developed in cooperation with and for the mobile service provider Vectalia.

The primary objective was to create a unique design language based on the NOMIC Design Concept and to adapt it to the increased requirements in terms of safety, space and additional functions.

We are used to the fact that a bus is always a box. The STREAT concept represents an alternative design language for public transportation.
The extraordinary appearance and high level of comfort, combined with the function of the mobile package station creates a new type of public transport that is nimble, eye-catching, but not too obtrusive. It elegantly transports the green idea of Vectalia through the streets.

As well as for the concept NOMIC, the inspiration for the design of the bus comes from a carriage with its open wheels design. I wanted to create a feeling of beeing chauffeured in a special way with an unique exterior and interior design.

This everyday public transportation, should also combine multiple purposes, like air cleaning and a mobile Package Station. Although complex requirements, the exterior design should be still dynamic and understandable, without clustering all the elements too much. Even the big side windows are tinted in body color for clean look and optimum privacy feeling.

There is a two color scheme, differentiating the silver-grey side panels and the dark middle structure. It provides high contrast and good visibility in traffic without using bright colors.
The hood contains an airbag in case of an unavoidable pedestrian collision and consists of a soft structure in the front for soft collisions.

The LED strips on the rims, but also on top of the fender are shining in orange while driving for warning reasons. While boarding the color changes to green and red, depending on the boarding situation. The color code is visible through multiple lights all around the bus for clear communication with the environment.

mobile Package Station

In addition to passenger transport, the bus also includes a mobile package station. It serves private individuals, as well as the postal service of the city.


All wheels are steerable with flexible and durable cloth covering the moving area. In this way a more clean look is achieved by hiding the steering and driving mechanism and providing maneuverability even in narrow streets.


Looking Glass

A part of the project was the implementation of the 3D model into the holographic display Looking Glass.
Over 50 frames need to be rendered for a single picture. There were a total of 5 pictures, which were shown at the fair in France and Spain.

Bus Animation

In cooperation with the designer Johannes Isphording we created a short animation for the fairs.

Physical Modell

The physical model was built in 1:10 scale. It was printed entirely in PPMA process and painted by an external company. It was finally assembled by me.

NANTES FAIR and Smart city fair barcelona